Albert Ratt

Albert Ratt
Political Party: Manitoba Party
Phone: 204-232-3541
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Social issues prominent in Elmwood

April 11, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - The Herald is reaching out to candidates in the April 19 provincial election to answer questions for voters. Below are responses from Elmwood candidates Albert Ratt (Manitoba Party, or MP), Sarah Langevin (PC) and Jim Maloway (NDP). Albert Ratt (MP).

Manitoba Tories could grab NDP strongholds in Winnipeg: analyst

April 6, 2016 - ... vote following," Thomas said. "He won't dazzle you, but I'm not sure that he'll lose either." Maloway could not be reach for comment. Sarah Langevin is running in the constituency for the PCs and the Manitoba Party candidate in Elmwood is Albert Ratt.

CTV Winnipeg

April 3, 2016

CTV News - Jim Maloway is the incumbent for the electoral division of Elmwood. Manitoba election 2016 candidates: - Kurt Berger (Liberal) - Sarah Langevin (PC) - Jim Maloway (NDP) - Albert Ratt (Manitoba Party) ...

Questionnaire Response

Albert Ratt - Elmwood

1. Why did you decide to run in the 2016 Manitoba election?

Because the voters in my riding continue to tell all the other Parties bring nothing for them in this election and that the Manitoba Party has a lot to choose from. For myself, I want to make a difference in this Provence for all people of Manitoba.

2. What experience will you bring to complement your role as MLA?

I have in resent years past Bills for the city of Wpg, created programs to address poverty in our Provence, sat on the still do of all sorts of different types of committees in justice, health, and many others areas. Prime example, one of my programs, the Change For the Better program and other related programs. I possess much experiences in many areas of our society and I would bring a lot of experience to the House.

3. Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our province? In your electoral division?

I want to incense the recreational facilities for our children and families at large. Eliminate taxes Provence wide because when we decrease taxes, you create greater growth for the economy. Reform CFS…to make a better future for our children and families.

4. What key issue(s) / topic(s) would like to stand for in your role as MLA, and why is it important to you?


Child Welfare reform

Revamp the EIA program

Reduce taxes at all levels

Monthly community forms, people’s voice to express their needs for each community.

Direct consultation with the current Federal Party.

And any other issues and topics that may arise.

5. What is one thing in particular that you value about the electoral division that you wish to represent?


6. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I have been, currently, and will continue to be an Advocate for all people as a Health Support Worker and/or as a MLA.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to have some input with