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803-294 Portage Avenue. Winnipeg, R3C 0B9
Greg Selinger
party leader
Phone: 204-410-3727
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The 58 Candidates

Candidates are displayed alphabetically by constituency.

Courtney Lucas
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
Lorne Topolniski
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Joe McKellep
Phone: 204-615-7580
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Drew Caldwell
Phone: 204-717-9300
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Linda Ross
Phone: 204-717-9301
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Melanie Wight
Phone: 204-694-3795
Janna Barkman
Phone: 204-987-4857
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Matt Wiebe
Phone: 204-663-4939
Darcy Scheller
Phone: 204-622-7700
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Roxane Dupuis
Phone: 204-878-9385
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Jim Maloway
Phone: 204-615-3611
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Alanna Jones
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Tom Lindsey
Phone: 204-681-2260
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Wab Kinew
Phone: 204-691-9113
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George Wong
Phone: 204-615-8290
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Armand Belanger
Phone: 204-642-9971
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Tom Nevakshonoff
Phone: 1-866-385-2045
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Eric Robinson
Phone: 204-285-9805
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Dave Chomiak
Phone: 204-615-3495
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Echo Asher
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Wendy Sol
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Matt Austman
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Flor Marcelino
Phone: 204-221-9012
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Jacqueline Theroux
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
Andrew Swan
Phone: 204-615-6411
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Elizabeth Lynch
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
Mohamed Alli
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
Kevin Chief
Phone: 204-615-9042
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Alex MacDonald
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Preet Singh
Phone: 204-615-8884
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Béla Gyarmati
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Christine Melnick
Phone: 204-615-8683
Jody Gillis
Phone: 204-615-6775
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Erna Braun
Phone: 204-615-1700
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Lise Pinkos
Phone: 204-615-6673
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Greg Dewar
Phone: 204-785-5600
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Dashi Zargani
Phone: 204-615-9770
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Amanda Chmelyk
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
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Blandine Tona
Blandine Tona
Phone: 204-417-5360
Greg Selinger
party leader
Phone: 204-410-3727
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Deanne Crothers
Phone: 204-770-3570
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Dave Gaudreau
Phone: 204-615-3007
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Andrew Podolecki
Phone: 204-226-1395
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Jamie Moses
Phone: 204-615-6673
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Kathleen McCallum
Phone: 1-877-863-2976
Ron Kostyshyn
Phone: 204-734-5400
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Mohinder Saran
Phone: 204-694-3797
Amanda Lathlin
Phone: 204-627-4764
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Steve Ashton
Phone: 204-677-6070
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Barb Burkowski
Phone: 204-615-6040
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Zach Fleisher
Phone: 204-987-4857
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Ted Marcelino
Phone: 204-987-4857
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Rob Altemeyer
Phone: 204-691-3011
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April 19, 2016

News that mentions the NDP party leader

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Brian Pallister's PCs win majority government in Manitoba

April 19, 2016 - "I also extend my heartfelt thanks to Greg Selinger for his contributions to the province and the country during his time as premier, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours." At dissolution of the provincial legislature, there were 35 New ...

Rebel Five member Andrew Swan re elected in Minto

April 19, 2016

CTV News - The only remaining member of the Rebel Five has held on to his seat. Andrew Swan was re-elected in the constituency of Minto. Swan was one of five cabinet ministers who tried to oust Greg Selinger as leader in 2014. The riding has been an NDP ...

PC Andrew Smith wins Southdale: CTV News Winnipeg

April 19, 2016

CTV News - Southdale had no incumbent candidate after the NDP's Erin Selby resigned as MLA to run federally in the St. Boniface riding. Selby was also one of five former cabinet members who tried unsuccessfully to unseat Greg Selinger in a 2014 leadership vote.

Manitoba triathlete Tyler Mislawchuk overcomes obstacles to close in on Olympic spot

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - Greg Selinger · LIVE AT 8: Election results blog · Andrea Giesbrecht tries to hide her face as she leaves the Law Courts in Winnipeg, · Kids' items found in storage locker with dead infants · Gina Swanson_2 · Rape, murder conviction appealed · MISLAWCHUK.

Rape, murder conviction appealed

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - Gina Swanson_2 · Rape, murder conviction appealed · flashing lights filer · Caught speeding twice, man says he had to get girlfriend to a dance · Karla Homolka · Quebec town right to be shaken by Karla Homolka · Greg Selinger · LIVE AT 8: Election ...

Anthropologist had to be called in for dead infant investigation

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - Top stories. Popular; Latest; Videos. flashing lights filer · Caught speeding twice, man says he had to get girlfriend to a dance · Karla Homolka · Quebec town upset to learn Karla Homolka living among them · Greg Selinger · Manitobans head to the polls.

Upsets and surprises across the province

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Christine Melnick, first elected in 2003, is again facing off against Tory Rochelle Squires in a rematch of the 2011 campaign. A one-time cabinet minister, Melnick was booted out of the NDP caucus in 2014 after a run-in with Greg Selinger. She was ...

Southeast casts votes today

April 19, 2016

The Carillon - Dawson Trail, an area Ron Lemieux has called his home since that time, is the race to watch in the Southeast as provincial polls suggest there will be a blue wave washing Greg Selinger's NDP government from power. The polls opened at 7 a.m. today and ...

Manitoba election day: 5 things to watch

April 19, 2016 - The 2016 election has been dubbed by some as a referendum on NDP Leader Greg Selinger and the way he brought in the one-percentage-point increase in the provincial sales tax. In his St. Boniface constituency, however, a loss would be a major story line ...

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