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Garrett Bodnaryk
Phone: 204-218-1993
Kevin Nichols
Phone: 204-782-1734
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Kate Storey
Phone: 204-546-2099
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Steven Stairs
Phone: 204-797-0201
Stacey O’Neill
Phone: 204-435-2218
Martha Jo Willard
Phone: 204-889-1000
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Mike Urichuk
Phone: 204-573-6214
Michael Cardillo
Phone: 204-232-3483
Françoise Vrignon
Françoise Vrignon
Phone: 431-998-8683
Signe Knutson
Phone: 204-786-2461
Dan Soprovich
Phone: 204-734-3054
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Bob Krul
Phone: 204-470-8696
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David Nickarz
Phone: 204-430-0568

Questionnaire Response

1. What are the key issues that your party stands for? Why are these issues important?

The key issues are: poverty reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, education tax reform, health care reform and provincial debt and deficit reduction.  Poverty reduction is important because it results in a lower demand for very expensive social, health and corrections services and because it leads to improved quality of life for the poor.  Greenhouse gas reduction is important because climate change induced by rising GHG emissions is the single most important threat facing human kind.  Education tax reform is critical because of the unequal access to education funding imposed by the property tax base and the resulting inequities in school division access to education funds.  Health care reform is important because too little funding is going towards prevention and healthy living.  Lifestyle related conditions like the rising obesity rates are causing large increases in diabetes and hypertension.  Tackling the provincial debt and deficit are important because they burden future generations with rising debt costs which enrich the wealthy who hold the provincial debt.

2. What makes your party different from other political parties?

What distinguishes the Green Party of Manitoba from the others are its bold plans to:

  • cut the poverty rate in Manitoba by 45 per cent by financing a Guaranteed Annual Income through reform of the personal income tax system and the elimination of existing provincial income transfer programs;
  • to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions through a $50/tonne carbon tax which will result in lower tax rates and a $166 million per year Green Fund to finance the measures needed to help Manitobans use less fossil fuels and improve the functioning of the economy;
  • to end the unfair system of funding public schools through the education property tax by shifting taxes to the personal and corporate income tax systems and to introduce an equitable funding formula for school divisions;
  • to tackle the rising provincial debt and annual deficits by constraining spending to the annual increases in the nominal GDP and to raise additional revenues through the closing of tax loopholes.

3. What are the first things you would like to do if you form government after the 2016 election?

The first things the GPM would do upon forming government is begin the design and implementation of the Guaranteed Annual Income and the Carbon tax, to undertake a review of existing tax expenditures to identify those which should be eliminated.

4. Why should a voter choose to vote for your party?

The other parties do not have the bold plans adopted by the Green Party to tackle the serious problems of poverty, climate change, inequitable financing of public schools. They offer more of the same.

5. Do you have any other comments regarding your party that you would like to share?

The Green Party is not affiliated with any special interests such as the Business community or the Union movement nor does it try to appease everyone. Its focus is on creating a sustainable society – environmentally, economically, politically and socially and all of its policies are developed with that objective in mind.  Thus, it is neither left nor right but centered on creating a sustainable future.

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April 19, 2016

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Wolseley race too close to call

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - In 2011, when Green Party leader James Beddome came in second in Wolseley, he did not win a single poll. Nickarz has almost doubled the vote count from 2011. "We're so happy with our team and now we have to wait for tomorrow morning." Nickarz said.

Progressive Conservatives avoiding students: CFS MB

April 19, 2016

The Manitoban - According to Barkman, NDP minister of education and advanced learning James Allum, Liberal leader Rana Bokhari, and Green Party leader James Beddome all agreed to participate in the debate. University of Winnipeg Students' Association president ...

Manitoba political leaders nervous, optimistic as votes cast

April 19, 2016 - He spent Tuesday morning with friends in Portage la Prairie then planned to return to Winnipeg to spend the afternoon with his family. Green Party Leader James Beddome, whose performance was hailed in a recent leaders' debate, was also hopeful today.

Manitoba election day: 5 things to watch

April 19, 2016 - A win for Green Party Leader James Beddome would be historic (a Green has never won in Manitoba before), and it would also be a surprise. The NDP incumbent James Allum and the rookie PC Jeanette Montufar are both considered strong contenders for ...

12 candidates to watch on election night in Manitoba

April 18, 2016 - Aside from the party leaders — NDP Leader Greg Selinger, PC Leader Brian Pallister, Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari and Green Party Leader James Beddome — there are a number of candidates to keep an eye on as Manitobans head to the polls on April 19.

Ups and downs of the 2016 fight for leadership

April 17, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - Televised leaders' debate_3 Manitoba party leaders (l-r) Greg Selinger (NDP), Rana Bokhari (Liberal), James Beddome (Green) and Brian Pallister (PC) pose for a photo op prior to a televised leaders' debate in Winnipeg, Man. Tuesday April 11, 2016.

Some of the key promises in the Manitoba election campaign for Tuesday's vote

April 17, 2016

CTV News - NDP Leader Greg Selinger, left to right, Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari, Green Party Leader James Beddome and Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister take part in the provincial leaders' debate in Winnipeg on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

Lots of legwork in Tory's uphill battle

April 16, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Rounding out the race in Fort Garry is Green party Leader James Beddome and the Manitoba Liberals' Johanna Wood. Wood helped propel Mayor Brian Bowman to victory in the 2014 civic election as a member of his campaign team. She would later move to ...

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