David Nickarz

David Nickarz
Political Party: Green
Phone: 204-430-0568

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Wolseley race too close to call

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Green Party scrutineers say their candidate, David Nickarz won 24 of 44 polls over incumbent NDP Rob Altemeyer. In 2011, when Green Party leader James Beddome came in second in Wolseley, he did not win a single poll. Nickarz has almost doubled the ...

Manitoba Greens hope Elizabeth May will give them a boost

April 15, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Focused on Wolseley candidate David Nickarz. By: Bailey Hildebrand Posted: 04/15/2016 7:36 PM | Comments: 4. Tweet; Post; Reddit; ShareThis; Print; Email. PHIL HOSSACK / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS</p><p>Manitoba Green Party. PHIL HOSSACK ...

Elizabeth May: Greens will take Wolseley

April 15, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - The national Green leader was at Wolseley candidate David Nickarz's campaign office Friday to stump for only candidate who has a chance to change the riding's 26 consecutive years of NDP government. “This election, 2016, is the year the Greens make the ...

Green Party hoping to grow on Election Day

April 13, 2016

CTV News - The Green candidate in Wolseley is David Nickarz. He's raised more than $3,000 from a GoFundMe campaign. Nickarz said he's blanketed the area with signs. “We've put out the largest campaign we've ever put out in the Green Party of Manitoba's history,” ...

Q & A with Wolseley candidates

April 11, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - The Metro contacted candidates in the April 19 provincial election to answer questions for voters. Below are responses from Wolseley candidates David Nickarz (Green), Raquel Dancho (PC), Rob Altemeyer (NDP) and Shandi Strong (Lib). Raquel Dancho ...

Manitoba election: Liberals vow to recognize Louis Riel as 1st premier if elected

April 9, 2016

CBC.ca - ... says Democracy Watch read comments; 'I don't like salad': Garden Hill elder shares insights with great-grandson on 92nd birthday video; Brandon police seek suspects in Houstons bar assault · Wolseley could go Green, says candidate David Nickarz ...

Free Press Head Start for Wednesday, April 6

April 6, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Participants include Wab Kinew (NDP, Fort Rouge), Peter Koroma (Liberal, Logan), Shandi Strong (Liberal, Wolseley), David Nickarz (Green, Wolseley) and Matthew Ostrove (MB Party, Fort Rouge). The event starts at noon at the U of M's Bannatyne Campus ...

Green Party calls out NDP Wolseley candidate over flyers

April 3, 2016

CTV News - The Green Party of Manitoba is speaking about flyers they say misrepresent their policies and plans. The Green Party candidate David Nickarz said the NDP has flyers in Wolseley saying if elected, the Greens will cut poverty programs. Nickarz said that ...

NDP attack Greens in Wolseley pamphlet

April 3, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - Wolseley Green candidate David Nickarz says the ad misleads voters about one of his party's key promises. He said the claim ignores the fact smaller “patchwork” programs would be replaced with a guaranteed annual income, if the Greens were elected.