Jamal Abas

Jamal Abas
Political Party: Liberal
Phone: 204-372-8550

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Young farmer chooses Liberals

March 24, 2016

Western Producer (subscription) - Jamal Abas doesn't mind shocking people if he does it in what he thinks is a good cause. And that's what he did a few months ago when he chatted with farmers outside his uncle's store near the family farm in Manitoba's Interlake region. He told them he ...

Manitoba NDP raising more cash than ever, party says

October 23, 2015

CBC.ca - Assiniboia - Ian McCausland; Burrows - Cindy Lamoureux; Elmwood - Kurt Berger; Fort Rouge - Rana Bokhari - LEADER; Interlake - Jamal Abas; Logan - Peter Koroma; Radisson - Scott Newman; Riel - Neil Johnston; River Heights - Jon Gerrard (incumbent) ...