Rob Altemeyer

Rob Altemeyer
Political Party: NDP
Phone: 204-691-3011
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Wolseley race too close to call

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Green Party scrutineers say their candidate, David Nickarz won 24 of 44 polls over incumbent NDP Rob Altemeyer. In 2011, when Green Party leader James Beddome came in second in Wolseley, he did not win a single poll. Nickarz has almost doubled the ...

PCs make history, oust NDP after nearly 17 years in power

April 19, 2016

Brandon Sun - However leader Rana Bokhari is in a tight fight with NDP Wab Kinew in Fort Rouge, and has trailed him most of the night thus far. The Green Party is pushing hard for a win in Wolseley, with David Nickarz battling incumbent NDP Rob Altemeyer. This would ...

Manitoba election: 15 constituencies to watch

April 18, 2016 - The NDP's Rob Altemeyer has held the seat since 2003. The Green Party has come in second in the past three provincial elections. The Greens are optimistic candidate Dave Nickarz has a real shot at taking the party's first seat in Manitoba. Watch ...

Manitoba Election 2016: Wolseley riding

April 16, 2016 - Last Election: NDP incumbent Rob Altemeyer was re-elected after getting 60 per cent of the votes. His closest competition came from the Green Party's candidate who brought in 19 per cent of the votes. The Progressive Conservative candidate took 12 per ...

Manitoba Greens hope Elizabeth May will give them a boost

April 15, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Nickarz said May's visit might just be the push he needs to take Wolseley from incumbent Manitoba NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer, who was first elected in 2003. "We're going to get a boost from Elizabeth and this might actually put us over the top," Nickarz said.

Elizabeth May: Greens will take Wolseley

April 15, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - ... realize they were the only voters to make history” this election, she said. May and Nickarz also visited seniors at Lions Manor and, along with Beddome, participated in a Make Poverty History rally Friday. NDPer Rob Altemeyer is the Wolseley incumbent.

Green Party hoping to grow on Election Day

April 13, 2016

CTV News - But the NDP incumbent, Rob Altemeyer, won the last three elections in Wolseley by a decisive margin. On top of that, a recent Probe Research poll has the Green Party at only six per cent among decided voters in Manitoba. James Beddome is counting on ...

Hoping for nice Green shade in Wolseley

April 13, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - NDP candidate Rob Altemeyer stands in front of Gordon Bell High School's green space/soccer field. That's probably the only green he wants to see in the NDP stronghold. First place this time, said candidate Dave Nickarz, who's been working the riding ...

Q & A with Wolseley candidates

April 11, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - The Metro contacted candidates in the April 19 provincial election to answer questions for voters. Below are responses from Wolseley candidates David Nickarz (Green), Raquel Dancho (PC), Rob Altemeyer (NDP) and Shandi Strong (Lib). Raquel Dancho ...

Green Party calls out NDP Wolseley candidate over flyers

April 3, 2016

CTV News - The party said this program will cut poverty in Manitoba by half in just one year. The NDP said the information comes straight from the Green Party's website. Rob Altemeyer's campaign they need to explain their policy and Manitoba needs to protect ...

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Questionnaire Response

Rob Altemeyer - Wolseley

1. Why did you decide to run in the 2016 Manitoba election?

I am passionate about our neighbourhoods and the struggle for social justice. I want to put my energy and experience to work, and with the other parties calling for massive budget cuts and privatization schemes for the rich, it is clear that only the NDP is prepared to invest in our future. In Wolseley alone, more than a hundred projects developed with the financial assistance of the NDP  government make life better for our residents. For instance, every time I drop off my kids at École Laura Secord, I think of the new gymnasium that will soon be built. And, while I am proud of the progress that has been made, there is still much to do. I am running in this election to continue the positive work we’re getting done together – and because we can still do even better! I have several dozen projects in mind already, and community members send me more great ideas all the time. Wolseley is full of great people with great ideas and working with them is about as satisfying as it gets.

2. What experience will you bring to complement your role as MLA?

I have over a decade of experience as the MLA for Wolseley, and a quarter-century of community activism in total. Over the years I have learned a great deal about how to bring community and government together to make good things happen. On social media I am currently highlighting the #100changes that have had a positive impact on my constituency since I became MLA. They include new green spaces, more housing, expanded child care centres, support for community agencies and services, and more. It really is remarkable what we have done. And I mean “we” – I can’t take credit for this kind of community-building: it’s always a team effort. You need the community to bring forward good progressive ideas, a government willing to invest in local efforts, and an MLA who knows how to be a bridge between them. I’m proud to be the only MLA in Winnipeg who has two constituency offices – both in low-income areas – to make sure I’m accessible and available to citizens when they need me. Over the years I’ve earned the respect of my constituents by being a strong advocate for the neighbourhoods in which they live and work, and by demonstrating that commitment though my hard work on constituent concerns, with community associations and events, and on legislative matters that affect Wolseley and all of Manitoba.

3. Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our province? In your electoral division?

Housing and child care are two of the biggest issues in Wolseley.

We will keep housing supports like Rent Assist – even though other parties want to cut them. We met our goal to build 1500 affordable and 1500 rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units, and are on track to complete another 500 affordable and 500  RGI units. We are the only party to commit to Make Poverty History Manitoba’s plan of an additional 300 RGI units annually. Projects like Greenheart Housing Co-op, Fountain Springs, McFeeter’s Hall, West End Commons, UWinnipeg Commons and the Old Grace Housing Co-op are proof that we know how to meet these targets. We employ the “housing first” approach to help the homeless and other vulnerable citizens. Our partnership with Resource Assistance for Youth and Madison Supportive Housing are examples of this innovative and effective approach in Wolseley.

We are the only party committed to universally accessible child care. No matter where a parent lives in Manitoba or how much money they have, the NDP is the only one working to have non-profit, community-based child care available.  We’ve added over 10,000 child care spaces, increased wages and benefits for workers – but there’s still much to be done!

4. What key issue(s) / topic(s) would like to stand for in your role as MLA, and why is it important to you?

My vision for Wolseley is a lasting partnership between the community and the provincial government, where progressive ideas are brought to government by an experienced MLA who can help turn local dreams into reality. One of the great strengths of our community is the participation of the residents in the development of the area. Most of the community projects cited above came about because of needs presented by the community, who worked with the provincial government to bring them into reality.

5. What is one thing in particular that you value about the electoral division that you wish to represent?

I love the passion and the energy that Wolseley residents bring to all kinds of issues. This riding shows an amazing amount of commitment to progressive ideals that affect the neighborhood, the province, and the world. There isn’t a social or environmental problem that Wolseley residents don’t want to tackle. There isn’t a public issue that they don’t have a ton of great ideas about. It is and always will be an honour to represent this amazing community.

6. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I am proud of the NDP’s record. We have helped Manitoba prosper as a province in spite of set-backs such as floods and the economic crash of 2008. Manitoba has maintained a strong economic position, and we are in a good place to keep investing in a sustainable future. The NDP’s vision of working with the community to expand good job opportunities and educational programs for young people will ensure continued progress for our province, because everyone matters.