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Manitoba Election 2016: Portage la Praire riding

April 16, 2016

Globalnews.ca - Summary: This historically Progressive Conservative riding will see incumbent Ian Wishart try for re-election for a second term. Political rookies Stephen Prince with the Liberals and Alex MacDonald with the NDP will attempt to break the PC's decades ...

Local Couple Makes Major Breakthrough On Adoption Law

April 14, 2016

PembinaValleyOnline.com - With the help of then Morden-Winkler MLA Cameron Friesen and then Steinbach MLA Ian Wishart, she says they were able to find the answers they were looking for. They've since discovered an avenue to posting their profile online, only requiring that ...

Portage la Prairie candidates Q&A

April 11, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - The Headliner contacted candidates in the April 19 provincial election to answer questions for voters. Below are responses from Morris candidates Alex MacDonald (NDP), Stephen Prince (Liberal) and incumbent Ian Wishart (PC). Alex MacDonald (NDP).

Candidate gives up farming to seek change making…

April 8, 2016

Western Producer (subscription) - PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — It's not hard to find Ian Wishart on a farm these days, as he is on this sunny morning in late March. It's just not his farm you're likely to find him on between sun-up and sundown. “It's full time, plus about 10 percent ...

Manitoba election: PCs commit to ALUS

April 8, 2016

Western Producer (subscription) - “I think we've finally come to the point where everybody has realized we need to deal with landscape management or we will pay the price,” said Ian Wishart, PC MLA for Portage la Prairie who has promoted ALUS for nearly 15 years. “We pay the price on a ...

Manitoba Tories pledge to boost home based child care spots if elected

April 7, 2016

CBC.ca - Candidate Ian Wishart says if the party is elected, it will help fund 550 new home daycare spaces this year. He says the party will increase funding for home daycares with a focus on spaces for infants. Wishart says the Conservatives would also review ...

Manitoba election: NDP pledges $25M for more public child care facilities

April 3, 2016

CBC.ca - During a March 16 candidates' debate, Portage la Prairie PC candidate Ian Wishart said the NDP's reliance on the not-for-profit child-care model has left gaps in care. Selinger said that's a sign the PCs would try to privatize parts of the child-care ...

2016 Manitoba Election a general thread?

April 3, 2016

rabble.ca (blog) - In “Tories say they would boost private daycare,” Conservative family services critic and MLA Ian Wishart says, “We'd like to leave the money with the parents and perhaps provide more opportunities for licensed privates” (Winnipeg Free Press, June 5 ...

Disability issues matter in rare Manitoba Provincial Election debate

April 1, 2016

MetroNews Canada - Progressive Conservative candidate Ian Wishart said his party recognizes many of the issues have been “ongoing” problems for many years under the NDP government. He said some of the income-related concerns for people with intellectual and other ...

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