Judy Klassen

Judy Klassen
Political Party: Liberal
Phone: 204-380-2591

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Rural Manitoba rejects NDP strongholds

April 19, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Another major upset is brewing in Keewatinook, where NDP Deputy Premier Eric Robinson is trailing Liberal Judy Klassen. Robinson was first elected in 1993. While the PC sweep of southern Manitoba was expected, the Tory and Liberal inroads into the ...

Nearly half of Manitoba election candidates live outside constituencies

April 4, 2016

CBC.ca - ... who himself lives in another constituency — there are 10 candidates who call this electoral division home. In contrast, Keewatinook — Manitoba's most northern electoral district — is without a single local candidate. The Liberal candidate, Judy ...

Parties parachuting some candidates to run in ridings far from their homes

April 3, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Some candidates in the April 19 election live closer to Regina than they do to parts of the ridings they're contesting. In the Kewatinook riding — formerly known as Churchill — Liberal candidate Judy Klassen lives in Steinbach, and Tory Edna Nabess ...

Rocking the indigenous vote in Manitoba

February 10, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Althea Guiboche (Point Douglas) — First Nations; Jordan Fleury (Riding Mountain) — Métis; Judy Klassen (Kewatinook) — First Nations; Noel Bernier (St. Johns) — Métis; Stefan Jones (Selkirk) — Métis; Tyler Duncan (The Pas) — First Nations ...

Liberals, NDP court indigenous candidates ahead of Manitoba election

February 5, 2016

CBC.ca - Six other indigenous candidates are running for the Liberals across the province, including Jordan Fleury in Riding Mountain, Judy Klassen in Kewatinook, Leslie Beck in Flin Flon, Noel Bernier in St. Johns, Stefan Jones in Selkirk and Tyler Duncan in ...

Former candidate for MKO grand chief and NDP party presidency will run for the Liberals in April

January 14, 2016

Thompson Citizen - Other northern candidates for the Liberals include Judy Klassen in the Keewatinook constituency and Leslie Beck in Flin Flon. Klassen is an accountant with a degree in commerce while Beck serves on the Flin Flon city council and worked for the RCMP for ...

Manitoba Liberals pledge $25 million northern food subsidy if elected

December 30, 2015

Thompson Citizen - 22 to announce her party's pledge of $25 million towards Northern Manitoban food subsidies and nutritional counselling programs. Among those accompanying Rana were provincial candidates Judy Klassen for Kewatinook, Noel Bernier for Point Douglas, ...