Rae Wagner

Rae Wagner
Political Party: PC
Phone: 204-594-4077

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Q and A with Burrows candidates

April 11, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - The Times contacted candidates in the April 19 provincial election to answer questions for voters. Below are responses from Burrows candidates Melanie Wight (NDP), Rae Wagner (PC), Cindy Lamoureux (Liberal), Garrett Bodnaryk (Green) and Tony ...

Signs of a two way race in the Burrows constituency

April 5, 2016

CTV News - "But I'm here as a representative, I'm not here to play party politics," said Lamoureux. The Progressive Conservative candidate in Burrows is Rae Wagner. Garrett Bodnaryk is running for the greens and Tony Petrowski is representing the communist party.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

April 4, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Most people choose to support only one candidate with a lawn sign, but this resident's fence just off Mountain Avenue in the Burrows riding features signs for PC candidate Rae Wagner, the Liberal's Cindy Lamoureux and NDP candidate and current MLA ...

CTV Winnipeg

April 3, 2016

CTV News - Melanie Wight is the incumbent for the electoral division of Burrows. Manitoba election 2016 candidates: - Garrett Bodnaryk (Green) - Cindy Lamoureux (Liberal) - Tony Petrowski (Communist Party of Canada - Manitoba) - Rae Wagner (PC) - Melanie Wight ...

MLA candidates get to know Sisler High School

March 21, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Burrows Rae Wagner, NDP candidate for Burrows and current MLA Melanie Wight, Green Party leader James Beddome, Communist Party leader Darrell Rankin and Liberal candidate for Burrows Cindy Lamoureux. Kawalec, a Grade 12 student, started SPY ...