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23 Kennedy Street. Winnipeg, R3C 1S5
Brian Pallister
party leader
Phone: 204-594-4080

The 58 Candidates

Candidates are displayed alphabetically by constituency.

Eileen Clarke
Phone: 204-841-1839
Steven Fletcher
Phone: 204-284-7846
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Len IsLeifson
Phone: 204-717-0977
Reg Helwer
Phone: 204-717-8493
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Rae Wagner
Phone: 204-594-4077
Myrna Driedger
Phone: 204-615-0381
Brad Michaleski
Phone: 204-701-0394
Bob Lagasse
Phone: 431-777-4838
Audrey Gordon
Phone: 204-989-8247
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Brian Pallister
party leader
Phone: 204-594-4080
Jeff Wharton
Phone: 204-642-7843
Derek Johnson
Phone: 204-739-3584
Edna Nabess
Phone: 204-219-7428
Nic Curry
Phone: 204-615-8879
Wayne Ewasko
Phone: 204-268-1966
Allie Szarkiewicz
Phone: 204-594-4077
Blaine Pedersen
Phone: 204-750-1959
Belinda Squance
Phone: 204-221-9911
Shannon Martin
Phone: 204-221-5715
Marsha Street
Phone: 204-594-4077
James Teitsma
Phone: 204-691-7976
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Greg Nesbitt
Phone: 204-759-2644
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Rochelle Squires
Phone: 204-258-2290
Cathy Cox
Phone: 204-989-8142
Andrew Micklefield
Phone: 204-615-4970
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Alan Lagimodiere
Phone: 204-481-1062
Andrew Smith
Phone: 204-257-3306
Mamadou Ka
Mamadou Ka
Mamadou Ka
Phone: 204-899-4448
Scott Johnston
Phone: 204-615-6044
Barbara Judt
Phone: 204-594-4077
Jon Reyes
Phone: 204-261-7272
Colleen Mayer
Phone: 204-615-2255
Kelvin Goertzen
Phone: 204-392-0746
Rick Wowchuk
Phone: 204-734-3549
Kaur Sidhu
Phone: 204-615-7101
Doug Lauvstad
Phone: 204-624-5570
Blair Yakimoski
Phone: 204-298-6441
Heather Stefanson
Phone: 204-691-3580
Raquel Dancho
Phone: 204-594-4077

Questionnaire Response

1. What are the key issues that your party stands for? Why are these issues important?

Your PC Team has one goal: to make Manitoba the most improved province in five priority areas.

  • Better Jobs – Most improved province in job creation performance.
  • Better Care – Most improved province in shortening ER and other wait times.
  • Better Education – Most improved province in student reading results.
  • Better Value – Most improved province in family tax relief.
  • Better Together – Most improved province in partnership initiatives with business and communities.

Our #BetterMB plan will focus on concrete results through specific initiatives in each of these five priority areas. To learn more, please visit

2. What makes your party different from other political parties?

After 17 years, the NDP government of Greg Selinger is old, tired and has lost its way. It has broken promise after promise. And it has failed to deliver result after result.

Despite paying the highest taxes in western Canada, our province ranks last in health care performance, education results, financial management, social justice, and job creation.

The NDP raised the PST to 8% in 2013 after promising not to do so.

They expanded the PST three times while in office, raised the gas tax and increased the Land Transfer Tax.

Manitoba’s deficit has reached over $37 billion dollars. Each citizen’s share of the debt is over $28,000 which is the highest in Canada thanks to Greg Selinger and the NDP.

This election is about change. Change to a better future for all Manitobans.

After 17 years of paying more and getting less, our province needs a change for the better.

Our new Progressive Conservative party is proposing a Better Plan for a Better Manitoba.

We believe in Manitoba values of integrity, caring, inclusion, common sense, and teamwork.  These are the values that built our province. These are the values you deserve in your government.


3. What are the first things you would like to do if you form government after the 2016 election?

We, your Progressive Conservative team, are ambitious for our province. We want Manitoba to become the most improved province in Canada by the end of our first term in government. The most improved in health care, education, financial security, prosperity, and government trust and accountability.

When we set priorities based on our values, we can achieve this. This is the foundation for a better

Manitoba, based on a better plan for a better future. A province that is more prosperous and caring.

A province that is fairer and more inclusive. A province that is more ambitious and optimistic with a government you can trust once more.

We invite every Manitoban to join together in this exciting rebuilding project to get us back on track. We welcome your comments, we welcome your suggestions, we welcome your participation and we welcome your partnership.

4. Why should a voter choose to vote for your party?

More than ever, we need a new government based on Manitoba values. A government that reflects those values in everything it does.

Values like trust, compassion, common sense, inclusion, and teamwork.

Priorities that will focus our work and values that will guide our decisions.

We will be a value-based, principled government. Manitobans will know who we are and what we will do.

Manitobans are trusting people. We give our trust and we expect it to be given back through open, clean government.

Sadly, that is not what we have today.

What we have today in Manitoba is broken trust from a broken government. Promise after promise has been broken by this government. First it lost its integrity and now it has lost its way.

Your new Progressive Conservative government will restore Manitobans’ trust and return integrity to their government.

From prudent financial management to getting the best deal with your money, we value government that doesn’t just do the right things, but does them the right way.

We will make it a priority to bring Manitoban common sense back to government.



5. Do you have any other comments regarding your party that you would like to share?

After 17 years of the Selinger NDP, we pay among the highest taxes in Canada yet receive less services. NDP waste continues to threaten essential frontline services.

We want to make Manitoba the most improved province in all of Canada. With better health care and education for you and your family. Better jobs and opportunity to keep our young people here. And a clean, open government that earns your trust each and every day.

Our better plan for a better Manitoba means lower taxes, better services and a stronger economy.

That’s our commitment to you.

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April 19, 2016

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Tories on offence, NDP on defence as nasty Manitoba election campaign wraps

April 19, 2016 (subscription) - With voters set to cast ballots Tuesday, Tory Leader Brian Pallister played offence, travelling to the northern NDP stronghold constituencies of Keewatinook and The Pas. NDP Leader Greg Selinger spent time shoring up support in Selkirk, a seat his ...

Free Press Head Start for Monday, April 18

April 18, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - NDP candidate Dave Chomiak demanded Tory Leader Brian Pallister disclose the truth about his holdings in Costa Rica before Tuesday's election. After the PCs dismissed Chomiak's demand as "trying to save his own seat," Conservative candidate Cameron ...

12 candidates to watch on election night in Manitoba

April 18, 2016 - Aside from the party leaders — NDP Leader Greg Selinger, PC Leader Brian Pallister, Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari and Green Party Leader James Beddome — there are a number of candidates to keep an eye on as Manitobans head to the polls on April 19.

Final push to way voters in Brandon

April 18, 2016

Brandon Sun - Local candidates were busy getting in the last bit of campaigning this weekend, as the province's 41st election moves into the home stretch. Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister was in town Saturday to rally the troops at Brandon East ...

Greg Selinger, Steve Ashton sued by OmniTrax, accused of interfering in sale

April 17, 2016 - "The greatest threat to the Port of Churchill was the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board by Stephen Harper's Conservatives, which Brian Pallister supported as a member of the Harper team," he said. A Progressive Conservative news release states ...

Tories accuse NDP of plan to hike PST

April 17, 2016

Winnipeg Sun - “These are last-minute, desperate attempts to divert attention from Brian Pallister's web of cover-ups on the same day that he has been caught misleading Manitobans once again,” wrote NDP spokesman Andrew Tod in an email. “Only Conservatives would ...

A look at the twists and turns of the Manitoba election campaign

April 17, 2016

Winnipeg Free Press - Selinger says the election is about "clear policy choices that will make a difference for the future of Manitoba," while Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister says it's about "getting a handle on this freight train of spending increases that ...

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